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Moving house is commonly known as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life is made more stressful when moving a family. Apartment Service hopes to make the process much easier on you by providing you with short or long-term accommodation while you make the big transition.

When deciding where you are going to stay, be it for a number of days or weeks, naturally, you are going to need to look for something close to the area of your new home. You are also going to want to ensure you are in a location that provides the flexibility to get out and about with the family to do and see things in your new location. It’s always helpful to ensure you are close to public transport as you may not have access to a car during your stay. Apartment Service ensures all of our accommodation options are closet ‘GoGet’ pods as well so you will always have a way to get around.

You may even choose to stay somewhere close to a famous landmark so you can take the family out to say, Bondi Beach or the Sydney Opera House for a day. Sometimes walking around your new city can really help you feel at home.

The great thing about Apartment Service is that we have many great options for families including large family homes with backyards and swimming pools for the kids, in central and outer locations close to public transport and shopping centers. These are things we keep in mind when we carefully chose our temporary accommodation options.

All our Sydney rentals come fully furnished. This includes things like beds, linen, appliances, tea, coffee, and laundry and dishwashing supplies. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to make your move to Sydney as easy and comfortable as possible.